The continued development of ecotourism and conservation in southern Africa has brought with it an increase in the amount of land set aside for conservation and has been associated with the re-introduction of animals that had previously been extirpated from the region. This development, and particularly the re-introduction of large carnivores and herbivores, has created the need for research that will firstly provide important information for reserve managers and secondly generate novel and fundamental information on the biology of the species.

The aim of the Wildlife and Reserve Management Research Group is to meet this need for information and to utilise the research opportunities to train postgraduate students.

The Wildlife and Reserve Management Research Group is officially linked with the Department of Zoology & Entomology at Rhodes University and comprises staff and postgraduate students. Although initially formed to address the need for focused research within the Eastern Cape Province, the research group now has a broad student and staff base addressing conservation and ecological questions throughout southern Africa.

The Wildlife and Reserve Management Research Group (WRMRG):

Promotes postgraduate education and the creation of skilled personnel through the management of postgraduate research.

Assists managers of protected areas by undertaking research that is directed at relevant problems and questions.

Contributes towards conservation in general by undertaking fundamental research.

Research projects are always designed in collaboration with land owners and our goal is to create a situation where benefits accrue to all parties concerned.

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